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Submitted By:RobertapombXB RobertapombXB
Prayer Request:California drought threatens luxe Beverly Hills lawns and swimming pools ro water purifier reverse osmosis water filter system All the bucks raised go towards WaterAid's vital work bringing clean water and sanitation to schools in Madagascar. ,US urged to abandon ageing flood defences in favour of Dutch system
Turn back the clocks more than 2 decades to 6 July 1988. On that night South West Water Authority, the supplier on the small Cornish city of Camelford, received countless complaints about the purity in the water coming from residents' taps. It was dirty, smelly and unusable. Twenty tonnes of aluminium sulphate, a chemical used to treat cloudy water, ended up accidentally dumped into the wrong tank by the relief delivery driver at Lowermoor water treatment works. Yet it will be almost three weeks until customers were finally advised to stop drinking it. By then, the river had recently been causing stomach cramps, ulcers and diarrhoea one of the local population. ,water filter company reverse osmosis water filter