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Serving Up Web Applications: Are You Hungry?
Submitted By:PhillipHafUB PhillipHafUB
Prayer Request:GE07: What to Expect at Graph Expo cheap stickers wholesale wrapping paper FOR OVER A DECADE pundits, cynics, nitpickers, Luddites and assorted windbags happen to be saying--sometimes with ample justification--it can be a good time before digital color presses could compete while using big iron of traditional offset printing. Now that point has arrived. More so in comparison to any print show in recent years, GraphExpo could be the place where digital printing solutions might overshadow offset, specifically in color. The all-important operating costs still drop, reliability and productivity are increasing, and print quality through the top machines rivals all though the best offset presses. And variable data printing, the selling proposition of digital engines, is now easier although there exists still plenty of work to do (and a lot of work from home opportunities) in which makes it as simple as must be for broad acceptance and implementation. Keep at heart that this doesn't mean the demise of traditional printing. In fact, one of the most success may be achieved by maintaining your current business and adding digital printing where it could be best. These technologies can and will coexist. Consider doing more business with each of the customers with the addition of cost effective short runs before and following the longer run. Capture new applications by making use of variable data for customized pieces that cannot be performed while on an offset press. Remember, however, that after you purchase a digital press you aren't just buying a fresh little bit of equipment but starting a start up business. Digital printing requires a whole new approach to sales, marketing, estimating, customer service and management in addition to knowledge of new applications and markets. As you visit booths, be sure to ask the vendors how they're going to help you get going within this new company venture. Get an idea of the items they're able to do for your organization. You could possibly be surprised on the potential as well as the possibilities. Canon USA Inc. (Booth #3272) In 2001, Canon was listed as considered one of Fortune's Most Admired Companies in America, and was ranked #41 about the Business Week list of the Top 100 Brands. Its parent company Canon Inc, is really a top patent-holder of technology, ranking third overall inside the US in 2001. With global revenues of $26 billion, and ongoing product awards, Canon continues becoming a manufacturer worth taking a look at. In May 2002, Canon's ImageRUNNER product line received new recognition due to the quality, reliability and consistent performance from three well-known industry groups. At the show will be the imageRUNNER 85 and 105 both running with T/R Systems front ends: Imagerunner 85 The imageRUNNER 85 is an 85 page-per-minute, black-and-white production printer designed to handle the demands of large corporate departments, data centers, CRDs and print-on-demand environments. Expect high image quality, extensive document finishing capabilities and seamless integration into most networks. The engine supports a monthly print volume of approximately 400,000 impressions. Imagerunner 105 The imageRUNNER 105 is Canon's most powerful digital copier/printer/scanner solution built around the Image Platform architecture. With its 105 page-per-minute speed and robust 600,000 impressions each month duty cycle, this revolutionary product is welcome inside high-volume print-on-demand and centralized production environments. The imageRUNNER 105 ships standard like a standalone digital copier, but can be upgraded to supply network printing and network scanning capabilities. The device offers a choice of finishing capabilities from basic collated output to multipage, saddle-stitched booklets. Imagerunner Pro 150+ Canon will likely be announcing the Imagerunner Pro 150+, determined by Heidelberg's new Digimaster after 9/30. Expect a device similar towards the ImageRUNNER 110 but faster plus much more robust. Stay tuned Inline Puncher There will be a brand new holepunch unit around the imageRUNNER PRO150 and 110. The inline puncher has removable punch tools including 2-, 3- and 4-hole punch and GBC. Demos will be scheduled. Image Prograph Wide Format Introduced on the Seybold Conference, the imagePROGRAPH tools are a fresh line of large format printers. Since the most important downside to inkjet technology is definitely speed, Canon has expanded the usual 1/2 head one inch plus. Add bi-directional printing and boost the nozzles, and you also have this new category of high quality printers with speed. The imagePROGRAPH 7250 is really a 24 device and the imagePROGRAPH 7200 is 36. Both will print in standard mode at 120 sq ft/hour, in excellent at 72 sq ft/hour and in draft mode at 322 sq ft/hour. The dpi for that initial two modes is 600 x 1200. Heidelberg (Booth #1000) Heidelberg will explore your desire for printing and reveal the technologies that they can hope will shape the way you ply their trade in the future. Their presentation, Connect the Passion will be presented every hour on the half hour. The connections they desire you to get passionate about are automated, digital workflows for print production, known in other industries as Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM). They believe this may be the secret for taking both you along with your customers to a more impressive range of success. Prinect Printready System Announced at Seybold Conference in San Francisco, the Prinect Printready System will likely be shown for your very first time at GraphExpo 2002. Prinect is really a modular software system solution which makes it possible to network the complete print production process. Heidelberg has got it since the world's first print media and graphic arts software portfolio that allows printers to digitally network each of the production workflows from prepress to press to postpress. Entirely JDF(Job Definition Format)-based, Prinect is modular and may be scaled to accommodate the printshop's needs. In the near future, the Prinect Printready System will be also in a position to control the digital presses Speedmaster DI, Quickmaster DI and Nexpress. Digimaster 9110 Networked Imaging System Having gained recognition by getting a 5 Star Exceptional Rating from BERTL (the Business Equipment Research & Test Laboratories) this year, the Digimaster 9110 is going to be shown using a Ti 40 in-line folder. At 110 pages-per-minute, it may be useful for duplication, printing transactional documents and network publication printing of black-and-white documents. Finishing options include booklet making. The system's design is totally modular - add functionality incrementally as your print volume grows. Even inside the basic configuration, the Digimaster 9110 Network Imaging System offers value. The Digimaster 9150 i am going to even be shown with Roll System and in-line perfect binder Heidelberg is announcing a whole new Digimaster on September 30th. Stay tuned. Nexpress 2100 Digital Color Press The NexPress 2100 looks sturdy, being a press, and Heidelberg claims it performs such as an offset press: high up time, serviceability and consistent sheet-to-sheet and week-to-week quality. Users can produce economical short runs, Web-based marketing and around 100% variable content. Printing at 2100 A4 (letter) 4/4 pages by the hour, the top quality is produced with DryInk technology and you are able to mix around three papers in a single printed piece. Moreover, the operator-enabled service is something that no other digital printing system has offered before. Diagnostics will tell the operator when to improve Operator Replaceable Components (ORCs), that happen to be the most of components, and might be replaced through the operator in minutes, without having tools. Print Media Academy Heidelberg's training entity will features hourly talks by industry experts in the north end of their booth. Learn about The how to of a successful startup, variable data printing, earning money at digital printing and 20 great tips on increasing productivity among other topics. Heidelberg Digital Imaging Association User Conference The HDIA is often a US-based, independent, nonprofit association of printing, publishing and graphic arts companies who use Heidelberg's digital technologies in production. Membership is offered to printers, prepress shops, in-plant publishers and retailers, service bureaus, magazine and book publishers, multimedia agencies, design firms and anybody else using Heidelberg equipment. For details visit www.hdia.com. The user conference, Directions 2002, will come about on the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place, Oct 8-11. Register at www.directions2002.com. NexPress 2100 Road Shows The NexPress 2100 Road shows are occurring around the country. A NexPress customer hosts the big event along with the focus is for the how to's of color and VDP. Presenting are an advert agency, LB Works, (a division of Leo Burnett), a prosperous printer would you 60% of his operate in VDP plus a software partner, Think 121, who discusses the difficulties and opportunities of databases to print effective target marketing pieces. For more information, require Business Development at the booth. Hewlett-Packard/Indigo Division ( Booth #1816) The New HP is here now. Two business days after legally closing its merger with Compaq Computer Corp, HP officially launched the new company having a concentrate on product offerings, brand plans, and recent customer wins signaling support to the merged company. With a combined revenue of approximately $81.7 billion for 2001, the newest HP is made up of four core business groups. The Imaging and Printing Group includes the HP Indigo products, and we can obtain them in the show as these are one full year as soon as the merger with Indigo. HP's theme for GraphExpo is HP Impressions. The company is concentrating on digital publishing solutions for three important markets--marketing/advertising agencies, the enterprise and print agencies. They recently launched per year-long road show to focus on HP Indigo digital presses and HP Designjet printers. The Impressions nationwide truck tour is built to drive national awareness of these digital publishing solutions with their target groups. The program began Sept 9th in Kansas City, MO and continues from the summer 2003. The HP booth can have two main areas-- one for commercial applications and the other for industrial (or specialty) technology. HP is bringing the advantages of on-demand, variable-data printing on the specialty printing market. This is that which you will discover: HP Indigo Press w3200 The w3200 can be a webfed commercial press made for high volume commercial printing, direct marketing and publishing applications. It is just the fourth time the w3200 may be shown inside US. The digital offset press is 7-color and prints at rates of 8,000 8.5x11/A4 color images-per-hour (two-up). The highly reliable web-handling system enables a wide variety of substrates such as the lightest weight paper stocks common within the direct mail industry. HP Indigo Press ws4000 Officially announced in September at LabelExpo Americas 2002, the ws4000 is really a 7-color label press made to cost-effectively produce short/medium runs of high-quality labels on demand at better speeds than previous models. According to HP, this can be an industrial-strength machine, competent at delivering 24 x 7 production. It eliminates some time wasted on films, plates and set-up. HP Indigo Press s2000 The s2000 is a 6-color digital press who makes sets from printed graphic attachments and overlays for membrane switches, panels, keypads and mouse pads, to plastic cards for IDs, driver's licenses and financial applications. Printing at 1,000 four-color 11 x 17/A3 images-per-hour, substrate choices include PVC, polyester, polycarbonate and others. Printed substrates might be finished lamination, thermo-forming, embossing and other post-printing industry standard processes. HP Indigo Press 3000 Formerly the Indigo UltraStream 2000, the 3000 is definitely an up-to-7 color digital press designed to the most demanding production environments. It delivers an excellent substrate selection, reaching 4,000 four-color 8.5x11/A4 single sided pages-per-hour (two-up) or 16,000 single-color 8.5x11 pages-each hour (two-up.) HP announced in July that the high-speed HP Indigo Press 3000 will have an important role in R.R.Donnelley's Inventory Management Solution (IMS), a fresh book-on -demand soft-cover production system designed to assist book publishers improve cash flow through shorter printing runs. HP Indigo Press 1000 The 1000 has high-resolution imaging and around 6-color printing, including spot and fluorescent colors, and touted as highly affordable. There is virtually unlimited substrate selection and HP Indigo Yours Truly personalization software. Printing speeds reach 2,000 full color 8.5 x 11/A4 images-per-hour (two-up) or 8,000 single-color 8.5 x 11/A4images-per-hour (two-up). HP Designjet 5500 This series of professional, large-format devices allow it to be all to easy to create ready-to-sell, large-format documents quickly. The series supports multiple ink sets plus a wide array of media with solutions that simplify workflow and invite unattended printer operation. HP Remote Proofing Solution Created for HP Designjet 10ps, 20ps and 50ps printers, the remote proofing solutions is made to lessen the approval cycle from days to hours. It will permit the generation of remote proofing files including not just content data, but also specific color profiles and print settings, then print them accurately at any location. Have some fun! Get your picture over a magazine cover. To demonstrate the improved impact of targeting materials to several audience segments, while you are with the booth HP will require your digital picture. You also can get yourself a opportunity to win an HP Digital Camera. If you are not attending Graph Expo 2002, it is possible to still register to the 1:1 demo offer. Entrants tend not to need to become present to win. Just complete the web registration form and they send your personalized magazine inside the mail in just 10 trading days. Indigo Customer Exchange (ICE) Annual Meeting This meeting is open to all people who just love HP Indigo color digital presses. For additional information contact Laura Keating at laura@footcom.com. IBM Printing Systems (Booth #3471) It was 25 in years past that IBM introduced the IBM 3800 Printing System, the's first high-speed laser printer, and changed the style of every household's phone bills and bank statements. These printers revolutionized just how a large number of companies would print, especially those invoved with finance, utilities and insurance. The 3800 saved money through productivity improvements and easier-to-read statements. Celebrating its twenty five years of technology innovation in production printing, IBM will ship its first Infoprint 4100--their new generation of high-speed printers. The IBM booth will likely be create in 3 zones--Powerful Hardware, Powerful Software and Powerful Solutions. Infoprint 4100 The Infoprint 4100 group of continuous webfed devices has extra-wide print web (19.5 inch paper width) and 600 dpi quality. This high image and text quality has traditionally been available only from cutsheet solutions. The 4100 runs at speeds of 175 feet or as much as 1,400 impressions each and every minute (three-up 6x9 inch or A5), with gutter and trim. The 4100 family, with premium and high quality models, incorporates an selection of IBM-exclusive, cost-saving and operator-efficient features to enhance productivity. In May, 2002, IBM introduced new enhancements that further increase productivity and adaptability. Later in 2010, Customer Changeable Developer (CCD) will likely be made accessible to allow users to make highlight color on his or her existing IBM Infoprint. The 4100 will probably be accompanied with the Stralfors LX Unwinder and Cutter/Trimmer/Stacker Pre/Post Processing, with MBO Folding. IBM reports that the 4100 is ideally suited to direct mail, short runs of books, technical manuals, and the next generation of statements. Live applications from the show floor will include 3-up books with folded signatures (that will be bound inside the Mueller Martini booth), and stacked book blocks. Infoprint 2105 The Infoprint 2105 is suitable for IBM environments, as well as your data center or perhaps-plant reprographic center. With a speed of 105 ipm, the Infoprint 2105 provides walkup productivity in office environments, yet can meet higher production demands.600 x 600 dpi resolution and digital scanning at approximately 72 ipm. Infoprint Manager This software automates printer control so you'll be able to manage multiple printers simultaneously. Using AFP technology, it accepts input from variable datastreams and offers output in the print and electronic forms. Provides centralized digital printer and job management. Infoprint Workflow Infoprint workflow is a software and services solution for managing the entire print process--from file submission and RIPping through printing, finishing and shipping. Gives you extremely effective and proactive job and inventory control. The Power of Digital Printing Join IBM and CAP Ventures to get a presentation on The Power of Digital Printing on Monday, Oct 7, 2002, from 7:30 am to 9:00 am CT on the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place, Regency Ballroom C. Jim Hamilton, Associate Director of CAP Ventures, and Bruce Otte, Manager Worldwide Production Print solutions Strategy & Marketing, IBM can provide an introduction to digital print, spotlighting the IBM Infoprint 4100. The presentation will feature the final results of an recent CAP study on the way to determine if production-oriented digital printing technologies are a good fit on your operation. Hamilton and Otte will be available for questions following a presentation. You can register at www.printers.ibm.com. If you are can not attend Graph Expo this year, you might be invited to wait a live CAPV and IBM webcast presentation on Monday, October 7, 2002 11 am-12pm ET or 10am-11am CT. Relax inside privacy of your respective own home/office. Register similar to above. Océ Printing Systems USA (Booth 1848) Océ is perhaps not one of the most reputed name about the graphic arts and commercial printing world, nonetheless it is often a household name in transactional printing and digital book publishing. At GraphExpo, this leader in digital document production, management and delivery technology, is demonstrating the strength of its commitment towards the commercial printing, graphic arts and print-for-pay marketplace. In Booth 1848 Océ will likely be - announcing a whole new alliance which has a major vendor so that Océ to provide more post-processing (finishing) capabilities, addressing the growing need for high-speed, end-to-end print production, binding and booklet-making solutions. - showing a complete portfolio of document production solutions developed for your digital, print-for-pay arena including state-of-the-art publishing solutions for commercial and converging print environments. - demonstrating high-speed, high-quality book and booklet production using the DemandStream 8090cx digital printing system. Océ will show a credit application featuring a whole new perfect binding system which accepts either single- or dual-stream input as well as full-integrity tracking and cover-matching. One from the documents produced will probably be a personalized employee benefits package which will be printed, slit, cut and stacked and transported towards the new booklet maker for merging using a full-color personalized cover and saddle-stitched. - demonstrating the CPS 700 color production system producing full-color covers for that personalized employee benefits booklet along with a host of other commercial color print applications. - showing how PRISMA workflow management software may help customers manage commercial print workflows more efficiently during the entire entire document production process. - showing how proofing can be convenient and value-effective with Océ TrueProof and exactly how documents could be scanned, processed, edited, and updated using DocSetter software. The Océ booth is obviously worth time out of the day in the event you are searching for industrial strength, high-speed black and white printing options, innovative color printing or comprehensive workflow solutions. Scitex Digital Printing (Booth 832) Under the theme of Printing Freedom That Runs the Gamut, Scitex Digital Printing will likely be demonstrating the breadth of digital printing capability with products meant to accommodate virtually any job feature commercial printers, transactional document printers, mailing professionals, and fulfillment houses. Attendees will find the theme the right one while they experience a number of jobs being printed over a variety of substrates. Recognized as the industry leader in ultra-high-speed, 100% variable data printing, Scitex Digital Printing is placing special emphasis around the flexibility, modularity and affordability of its full product line. The exhibit of-services includes - two inside Dijit Series, Passport 4300 with drop-on-demand inkjet technology and Liberty™ 7122 with permanent ink capability - two in the page-wide product family, VersaMark Vantage, an affordable entry into process color digital printing, as well as the new 9-inch print head that runs at 1000 fpm. And don’t miss the special preview of Scitex Digital Printing’s Next Generation Color technology, showing the chance of digital printing quality. Finally, search for software demonstrations including the completely redesigned, Windows-based MailScape XP software as well as the newest relieve Composer software. Xeikon (Booth 1059) Xeikon America will introduce the modern IntelliStream 3.5 front-end. IntelliStream 3.5 features support for your variable data standards PPML 2.0 and PPML/VDX, that can make it easier for designers and printers to generate, proof and create variable data jobs. The Xeikon presses on the booth will produce jobs who have proven being successful applications for our customers. The DCP 320 D will print a personalized 1:1 advertising campaign and Xeikon's packaging press, the DCP 500 SP, will produce ball boxes, pocket folders and point-of-purchase signs on 14 pt. paperboard. Xerox (Booth 1016) The Document Company will probably be showcasing its digital print solutions in the third largest booth at GraphExpo. Three of the new DocuColor iGen3 digital production color presses will be the main attractions, along having a trio with the new DocuColor 6060 presses. The booth could have four main areas, each demonstrating solutions for each kind of print environment: – The Digital Print Shop, showing a variety of workflow solutions and bread and butter applications that printers do daily but are certainly not always efficient on existing equipment. – 1:1 Marketing, demonstrating different approaches to delivering customized and personalized documents. – Business Development, emphasizing approaches to build digital printing business, having a special emphasis on color. One in the key features can be an 8-minute presentation on maximizing profitability. – On Demand Publishing, where digital publishing solutions show the new economics of producing a large array of books, manuals and other publications. In addition, take a look at the technology center with an in-depth, open-door look inside DocuColor iGen3 and interact which has a panel of experts on workflows, RIPs, papers, imaging science and variable information. Also look for some latest finishing solutions as well as a range of papers, substrates and supplies optimized for digital printing and enabling a selection of applications. And bring your skepticism once you glance at the prints through the iGen3: Xerox says this box is ready for prime some time and you can decide for yourself whether or not this produces prints you might sell at a profit. While you’re cruising the 16,000 sq ft of Xerox’s stand, be sure you look at the newest chemical toner machines, the DocuColor 1624 and 2240. And since that is Xerox, which basically invented cut-sheet laser xerography, see some of the changes inside DocuTech line, a brand new booklet maker, as well as a new monochrome device that will likely rattle some cages at Canon and Ricoh. ,FREE: The Pressroom, For Small and Medium Sized Print Plants
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