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Annual Xerox Corporate Consultant Briefing
Submitted By:StephenEnVC StephenEnVC
Prayer Request:Western European Print On Demand Market Overview Box Printing cheap printing solutions Benny is not Retired Bill McGlynn, VP and GM of HP Digital Publishing Solutions, and Benny Landa, Founder of Indigo, announced yesterday that Benny isn't retired but nonetheless active in HP Indigo Division business. And, incidentally, a top rated RIP and production management system called HP Production Flow was being demonstrated with all the HP Indigo Press w3200. This web-fed, 7-color press, called by McGlynn the globe’s highest productivity digital offset color press, runs at 8,000 8.5x11 full-color images each hour for a wide array of publishing applications. Monthly volume can be up to 3 million 8.5x11 full-color images when running twenty-four hours a day. The HP Indigo Press w3200 allows full perfecting on the wide selection of substrates, like the lightest-weight papers used inside the direct mail industry. The device will print 95% of Pantone colors and claims virtually perfect registration. According to Rick Mangold, GM HP Indigo North America, The end-to-end workflow may be created for minimal operator intervention from your HP Production Flow front-end to its fully integrated in-line finishing options, so an individual-step operation can deliver a whole finished piece - folded, sealed and ready to go. Rastar Digital Marketing Inc., a Utah-based database-marketing specialist, will likely be one from the first beta sites. A Free Z3 (or Z4) Roadster Would Also Be Nice HP also announced the HP Indigo Press 3000, a top-speed 7-color device, may be the printer of choice for any new personalized direct advertising campaign for BMW of North America. BMW wanted to launch its new Z4 roadster by reaching targeted prospects over a one-to-one basis. Redi-Mail, an immediate marketing company with database, lettershop and fulfillment capabilities, joined with Global Soft Digital Solutions, Inc., a fresh age printer that specializes in a-to-one CRM (Customer Relationship Management) marketing. You will know if you have been targeted must be mailing asks you a series of questions and, depending on your responses, you'll obtain a 32-page Z4 brochure with text and images which can be personal to you. (Note: The likelihood increases in the event you already have a Z3.) According to Landa, the BMW application can be an instance of HP’s differentiator in the digital printing market of leveraging their potential customers within the enterprise. Chris Friede, VP of Marketing HP Indigo Division, states that HP can establish demand with the enterprise level by educating the clientele and agencies. HP has numerous connections inside enterprise, including IT and CRM consulting, in accordance with Friede, so we can help transform how our industry is doing marketing by creating awareness and providing linkages using the necessary services, including HP Indigo printers. More about HP’s enterprise strategy tomorrow. Canon is Fine Without Variable Data, Thank You Without plenty of fanfare, Canon USA has announced and it is demonstrating the Imagerunner 150 Pro, based on the Heidelberg 9150i. Pleased how the show can be so busy compared to the quiet of other shows recently, Dennis Amorosano, Director of the Networked Office Systems, said the 150 Pro was just what customers were getting. He added he was very bullish for the reason that 150 leverages each of the positives from the 110 and improves upon the work cycle. If it is really as reliable since the 110 it will likely be a property run, and I think reliability could even be better. Coming off 36 months during which Canon gained 10 share of the market points, Amorosano sees Canon continuing to accomplish well. Explaining the corporation’s success in the black-and-white market, he was quoted saying, Customers were looking for additional valid choices, especially in the right price. Amorosano expects the Imagerunner 150 Pro to match nicely into shops that need more speed and also have higher volume. Most installations from the Imagerunner 110 are inside the enterprise-CRDs, in-plant print shops and data centers-and cover a wide variety of applications. Although Canon in concert with customers to sell the worthiness, they have not entered an entire-blown variable data program because customer databases are not as much as it. Observes Dennis, Unless the consumer includes a business that traditionally keeps good database records, such as property or car dealerships, you would have to identify those companies which may have good, clean data-or you could possibly end up in the database business before you are ready. Other than simple direct mail, or building image databases, Canon Imagerunner customers have preferred to have to wait on variable data until customers manage to get thier database act together. Fortunately, that won't seem to own hindered the dwelling of volume. Canon has spent the past 3 years developing their very own database make it possible for variable data communications for their prospects and customers, and appreciate the extent from the effort involved. Bravo to your company that tries it before selling it! ,First Customer-Sited Demo Facility for Kodak Is a North Carolina Printing Company More than Worthy in the Distinction
PSDA, formerly DMIA, has created a choice that may be very likely to possess a major positive affect on its future. The association has chosen to do business with professional association management firm SmithBucklin in lieu of always operate to be a standalone entity. WhatTheyThink spoke with several stakeholders to get an awareness with the items this move means with the association. ,Office Supplies Book Printing
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