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Giving Praise Weekly 001: Introduction

Have you ever wondered how you could study God’s Word more effectively? You’re not alone! We are Benjamin and Alyssa Hall and we’ve been married for just over a month. The Lord has directed our lives into the ministry and we are excited to share with you the things that we are learning through God’s Word. We will be sharing with you a method of study called the “Three Legged Stool”. By using this method you’ll be able to glean wisdom and guidance through God’s Word that will change your life. In today’s episode we’ll be introducing ourselves (Benjamin’s ministry thus far and Alyssa’s ministry in music) and introducing the foundations of this study method. We’ve used this method of study time and time again and have seen so much fruit come from it. Stay tuned as we put this method into action in future episodes.


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|August 16, 2013