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Deuteronomy 9:17

[Moses is reminded the Israelites of his reaction to seeing the golden calf by saying] “So I took the two tablets and threw them out of my hands, breaking them to pieces before your eyes.” — Deuteronomy 9:17

Thoughts on Today’s Verse…

Anger, frustration, disappointment, and loss of self-control have sunk many of God’s greatest leaders. Leading can sometimes be a horribly disappointing task. Yet God’s people would perish without strong leaders full of godly conviction. Despite the failure of some of our leaders and the perils that can beset those who choose to lead, leadership is as honorable as it is vital! Where would Israel have been without Moses or Joshua or Hezekiah or David…? So if the Lord is calling you to lead, don’t accept his invitation lightly, but please, accept it! If you are not a leader, please remember to pray for your leaders and their families.


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|July 18, 2013